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You and me both, Pete.

#as much as i love the idea of peter being baby avenger #he has a gIGANTIC CAPTAIN AMERICA BONER #so petition for fic where peter becomes an avenger and encounters coulson #and coulson is like yOU! and peter is like yOU! and everyone else is like ???? #and it turns out peter and coulson have been sniping each other on merch for years

Even better if they refer to each other by their eBay usernames.




i am not a woman… x x










Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff Cosplay by agentrodgers

this is the best cosplay ever omg

this is amazing. I could honestly see her as Natasha Romanoff  when she was younger

I love this. Congrats agentrodgers, you are now amazing

*hyperventilating* TEENVENGERS


Is it just me, or are the intense eyes one of the best parts of this cosplay?

You my friend are going places.  Avenging places.

Latest updates (because I finally dyed my hair):

The very last picture though…Could have sworn it was Scarlett.



and I’m always honest

I know that it’s important to celebrate male actors/ characters emoting because dissolving old fashioned irrelevant gender roles and I know starting this with a gender based disclaimer makes it about gender in a way that’s possibly not necessary but when all’s said and done

look at her face she was setting him up to make some point about herself to herself because she has this idea that she’s irredeemable that her humanity is dead that she is just a red ledger but she’s not and Steve seeing that makes her realise that she isn’t doomed and in a second she’s probably going to dismiss it because he’s naive or she knows better but it’s still there at the end she finally stops hiding from her past because she believes that she has a future and scarlett johansson oh my god she was so deadpan and then moments like this give her a movie give her a franchise give her everything

As much as Steve is a man of action, he’s also a catalyst.  Look at how many people are willing to follow him, upend their lives, change everything about themselves and their existence, simply because Steve Rogers asks them to do their best.

This is why he’s my favorite.  He brings out the good in people, asks them to aspire to something more than the ordinary.  Asks them to live up to their potential, to do some good in the world.  He’s the moral center of the Marvel Universe.

You are iron.
And you are strong.



This hit me only today and I’m kicking myself for not seeing it sooner, but I’m also wondering why I haven’t seen anyone else scream about this? I guess it could be because I’m looking in the wrong places but I feel like this should be echoing all over fandom.

Bucky remembered Steve. Wait, no, not Bucky, the Winter Soldier remembered Steve.

'The man on the bridge' suddenly takes on a double meaning. The Winter Soldier isn't only talking about the man he saw that day on the bridge in DC; he's also asking about the man he saw in a memory flash, on a speeding train in the Alps. They look the same, they sound the same, they both called him Bucky. They must be the same.

I also think that it’s extraordinary that the Winter Soldier still has access to those memories. He remembers the last few seconds before a massive trauma, which is astonishing.

Another thing that hits me like a punch in the gut is how the Winter Soldier remembers Steve. He remembers the panicked shout and then how Steve desperately tries to reach him while hanging onto the railing. Steve is frantic and horrified, and it’s obvious that it’s because of the Winter Soldier. For some reason the Winter Soldier at one point in time inspired such an emotional response in another human being. Someone cared that much for him.

No wonder the Winter Soldier is so hung up on the man on the bridge. Not only do they have a history he can’t remember, but he also loved the Winter Soldier, which is an entirely new concept for the human-turned-weapon. And yet it feels right, it feels true.

But I knew him.

(gif source: trollux)


CLINTASHA AU - The woes of a superspy couple.

"You’re mad at me for forgetting your fake birthday?! But that wasn’t even in the file!"

oh my god, it’s almost like there’s a real movie.


One thing I was thinking about today was Alexander Pierce. I feel like one thing that’s been under-discussed in Cap 2 meta (at least, from what I’ve seen on my dash— maybe it’s been talked about elsewhere!) is the privilege of Alexander Pierce, a privilege that is very deliberately communicated onscreen.

Pierce, as a character, is visually distinctive: he’s not just an older white man, but a very specific genre of older white man. His three-piece suits and tortoiseshell glasses suggest a fondness for the styles, at least, of some happier past: the gentlemen’s era (to me located sort of vaguely pre-Philby) when men like him knew how to be graceful with power, because it was something that came naturally to them, something they would never have to demand. His charm, his generally pleasant demeanor are of a piece with this— after all, as he himself tells Steve, he’s the diplomat: the one who keeps his hands clean while Nick Fury does what needs to be done.

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Leander Deeny: unsung hero, we salute you