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TDS | 2013.05.13


He acts like Star Trek is no longer needed for its ability to address social issues, so now why not just turn it into a bright and shiny action flick and nothing else? Dizzy bastard.

He took a project on without really realizing what it meant to so many people. I’m not just talking about those “crazy” nerds that stand in lines at conventions for hours. I’m talking about Martin Luther King Jr., who begged Nichelle Nichols not to quit the show. I’m talking about the hundreds of men and women that joined the navy or airforce, worked in the space industry, or became astronauts because of Star Trek. He’s forgotten all those people. He didn’t have faith that Star Trek in its purest form could reach all people– because it never reached him. So he molded it into something very different to fit a societal standard of action movies that pervades Hollywood today. 

He missed that mark. And he pats himself on the back for it.

it’s the mlk / nichelle nichols bit that really hammers things home for me where jj dropped the ball on this franchise.

like, he wants it to be accessible popcorn entertainment without as much heady philosophy, i can get that, i can even get behind it to a point, except it’s also completely ridiculous coming out of his mouth bc //what do you think lost was jj//.  also this and the other gifset misses out the part where he says he finally got way into star trek during production and now loves it.  (though the preponderance of enterprise references and the dip in ambition between movies does remind me more of voyager playing it safe than ds9 taking risks, but paramount stopped believing in the idealism of the franchise themselves about fifteen years ago so that’s not even surprising.)

no, it’s the fact that uhura even //existing// was revolutionary in the eyes of martin luther king jr.  in //nineteen sixty seven//.

in 2009?  chekov being a russian dude wasn’t diversity.  five of the seven main cast being white males wasn’t diversity.  less than a third of the characters with names and dialogue being not-white-males wasn’t progress.  //half of the female characters dying// wasn’t progress.  the female uniforms being sexy sexy where the men get practical clothing was the //opposite// of progress.

and hey, they didn’t bother to mix up the core seven by making chekov a russian //girl// genius or bones idris elba or spock sendil ramamurthy or kirk katee sackhoff or whatever.  but it’s okay, that’s only seven characters out of an infinite canvas.  and they did another movie, they levelled up, they added nothing but diversity to the cast, right?

replaced tyler perry with peter weller.  kirk wakes up in bed with //literal japanese catgirl twins// who aren’t named or seen again.  all the poc and aliens are (still) background scenery.  there are women wearing something other than the sleeveless gogo skirt //but only in the background//.  the new villain, who was a man of color as strong, smart, and capable as kirk back in the 60s / 80s, is now a white man with a desi name.  8/10 of the major characters are still white men.  and the only character written as a person of color is //still// zachary quinto.

jj, this is my problem.  you have officially failed to represent the future as //better//.  you’ve adopted a ridiculous colorblind ideology that amounts to ignoring the varied experiences of not-white-males, but failed to pair it with //casting mostly or even just 50% not-white-males//.

in the future, men are still disproportionately represented in the workforce?  //white// men still dominate all the hierarchies of power?  the only important places on earth are in the usa and great britain?  less than half the named characters are women?  we have transfer students from other planets but there are only terrestrial minorities in crowd shots?  white people are a demographical minority worldwide //today// but don’t tell the future that?

in 2004 edward james olmos, talking about new galactica, commented that that was the first time we’d seen latinos in space.  //that shouldn’t still be true//.

white people’s ideas of the future are TERRIFYING.

fuck nu trek

this is why i never gave a shit about it and will continue to not give a shit about it

There is this thing that happens in Hollywood, that is the root of this issue, and it bugs the crap out of me - successful directors take on successful franchises as projects but aren’t actually fans of the source material. They have *no* emotional investment in staying true to the source because the source means nothing to them at all, and not understanding the source means they don’t get what makes it special, leaving us (as the audience) flat because the new creation leaves the IMPORTANT parts of the source material behind. This - losing the envelope pushing of diversity acceptance in the future, this is a major key to the Star Trek franchise; using the original road map, one of the people on the bridge should have been Islamic. The thing is, by not being a part of the culture, the directors are so far removed from what is important to the culture that they overlook it… and then they wonder why the fanbase pans their finished product, and the Hollywood machine takes this to mean that there is no fanbase for these things really.

We see this with the Avengers (and individual movies like Thor, or Iron Man), where Joss *is* part of the fandom. He is a long time fan of comics and Marvel and *gets* why these characters are important and what is crucial about their portrayal on the big screen. And he has cast actors who bring those qualities with them inherently - RDJ as Ironman is not just someone who has been the playboy fuckup in ENORMOUSLY PUBLIC ways, but is capable of owning that about himself, and being honest about the darkness that brings. ScarJo brings that tiny glimpse of vulnerability that intensifies her strength rather than taking away from it. And this same pattern is true for each of the actors and their characters - the thing that makes that character *connect* to the audience is PRESENT in these films (and the tv series).

And that’s lost when the director doesn’t care enough about the franchise to know what those details are. Sometimes we have lucked out with the ACTOR caring enough to bring that quality anyway (Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Romijin Stamos, and Alan Cummings from the X-Men for instance… Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen of course). Unfortunately this can also bring us heartache when the writing doesn’t care about the source either; and we get X3, where the delicious truffle is decorating a shit pie.

nichelle nichols on filming the first interracial kiss on television [x]



” there there angry face”” no. I am angry and your fluffy yellow sunshine will not calm my WRATH”

Meet James T. Kirk and Leonard H. McCoy.



” there there angry face”
” no. I am angry and your fluffy yellow sunshine will not calm my WRATH”

Meet James T. Kirk and Leonard H. McCoy.




What if “tell me what you need” is a thing Spock and Uhura say to each other all the time?

Like nobody is perfect no human is perf no half-Vulcan half human is perf

I bet there are times when Uhura is sad or stressed or angry or lonely and most Terran humans would be able to extrapolate from all her non-verbal communication what is wrong but Spock doesn’t know how which is not his fault because this shit is hard and extremely new to him

I bet there are times when Spock is sad or stressed or angry or lonely and he’s been taught his entire life that he’s not supposed to be any of those things but he can’t help his reactions to his own emotions and Uhura doesn’t know what to do because Spock’s Vulcan behavior is indecipherable to her because it’s supposed to be

So they both learn to motherfucking ASK

I see that you’re feeling something but I don’t know what it means and I want to help you if I can so tell me what you need

and sometimes it’s serious and poignant and brimming with emotions okay and sometimes it’s like lol it’s morningtime and Imma run to the messhall and make me some chocolate-chip waffles tell me what you need and sometimes it’s functional like hey it’s your turn to make dinner tonight Imma run by the bodega on my way back from the linguistics lab, tell me what you need, and sometimes it’s sexy and/or teasing and/or dirty, you are so beautiful, I want you so badly, I want you all the time, tell me what you need

So when Nyota runs to Spock on the Enterprise it’s not even something new it’s a ritual between the two of them and it’s a shock to him, in the middle of a grief so huge he almost can’t feel it, in a crisis so gigantic he doesn’t even know what to do first, a grounding question from somebody who loves him who he love love loves: 

tell me what you need

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